Using a Brain Booster Supplement: Do They Work?

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Using a Brain Booster Supplement: Do They Work?

Today's health product marketplace is full of brands making outlandish claims about their products. If you've ever heard companies claiming their products can make you smarter, quicker, and more interesting in mere days, you've probably become skeptical about taking such supplements. Do any brain booster supplement products actually work? Let's look at the science.

What Is a Brain Booster Supplement?

Virtually everything you put in your body changes the way your brain works in some way. This is because your entire body is a connected system. The glucose your body produces by breaking down food is used by cells all over.

For instance, when your brain isn't getting enough glucose, you feel sluggish, anxious, and fatigued. Of course, the human organism is a lot more complex than a single example can demonstrate. Any nutrient your gut processes has some effect on your overall energy and mental power.

In medical science, a substance that boosts your cognitive ability is called a "nootropic." Nootropics can be either regulated drugs or unregulated dietary pills. While common nootropic drugs like Adderal or Provigil require a doctor's approval, dietary pills don't.

Where is the line between a food, supplement, and drug? Though it can get blurry, supplements are generally nutrients you can get from food in concentrated form. A drug is something that significantly alters your physical or mental state.

A lot of brain supplements contain caffeine. Caffeine, however, is normally considered a drug. It has an undeniable effect on mental functioning, but many people react negatively to it, especially in high doses. Other stimulants can be similarly problematic. A brain booster supplement, therefore, should work without the help of stimulants or other drugs. 

What Does Science Know About Cognitive-Boosting Products?

The scientific community is just starting to explore the efficacy profiles of common supplements. Because most mind-boosting products contain a cocktail of different substances, it can be hard to say definitively how well they work.

While certain brain supplements show promise for improving behavioral parameters like reaction time or alertness, taking them isn't like taking a pill for migraine, for example. Remember, supplements and drugs are in separate categories. A dietary pill works just like any other food. Your gut absorbs and processes it. Some of it exits the body as waste, and some of it gets turned into usable compounds.

This is why you shouldn't expect any earthshattering change from a brain booster supplement. You won't immediately "feel" the results. Your general well-being may be improved, but you won't be able to point to any definite high like you would with caffeine, tobacco, or alcohol. This might sound disappointing, but there is evidence that taking brain pills can be a good idea.

What Ingredients Should I Look For?

There are more interesting ingredients than can be listed here, but these are a few promising ones:


L-theanine is one of the most common products in the dietary world. It may improve concentration and increase cognitive power, and it's been studied more thoroughly than most comparable substances.


Scientists have long debated whether omega-3 fatty acids can boost cognitive power or memory. Multiple studies suggest omega-3 won't give you any measurable mental benefits. On the other hand, it's almost certainly good for you when taken regularly in moderate volumes. Omega-3 is a natural counterpart to saturated fats, or omega-6, and can help your body get rid of potentially harmful clots. 


Most people get L-tyrosine from food, but using it as a supplement can add slight benefits. If you don't get enough from your diet, you can take it in artificial forms. L-tyrosine is associated with mental alertness, especially in individuals suffering from insufficient sleep.


This hard-to-pronounce ingredient is probably the most promising common brain booster supplement. Unlike most other ingredients, the FDA has evaluated and approved it on a preliminary basis. Phosphatidylserine may directly improve mental processing, so nutritional scientists have started testing its effects on dementia and age-related cognitive decline. It may still be years, however, before doctors start recommending it for older patients at risk of dementia. Much more research is needed to pinpoint ideal doses. 

Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is less studied than phosphatidylserine, but it's usually used for similar purposes. It may help with dementia, brain fog, cognitive decline, and stroke, but more studies are necessary to explore its effects on the brain. Researchers believe it may increase blood flow to the brain and boost the availability of acetylcholine, an important compound for neural connections.

Which Supplement Should I Take?

While there are plenty of dubious products on the market, Alpha Brain is a recommended choice for a daily nootropic. Thanks to Joe Rogan's ubiquitous online presence, it has received significant scrutiny from both watchdog agencies and self-professed fans. It's also one of few products that has undergone a randomized independent study.

What Should You Expect From a Brain Booster Supplement?

If you choose to take one, a brain-boosting cocktail should be a regular part of your daily health routine. Taking one less often can hinder the benefits you receive. A study published in the journal Human Psychopharmacology found that randomly selected participants given Alpha Brain performed better on cognitive tasks and recall exercises than placebo participants.

Because you probably won't be spending much time testing your recall with friends or family, you may not feel anything when you take Alpha Brain. The benefits are more likely to become apparent over time in your performance of your normal work or school activities. 

Are There Any Safety Concerns?

Whenever you introduce a new substance into your routine, your risk negative interactions with drugs or other products you currently take. This is why you should always talk to a doctor first. Most common nootropics are well-tolerated, but only a medical professional can foresee potential issues.

If you've been looking for a brain booster supplement to elevate your health, Alpha Brain may be a good bet. For this and other health and lifestyle essentials, check out Shop Om online today.